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Death of a Beauty Saleswoman (Tour - Salford)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Venue: The Lowry
Where: Salford

Jacqueline Jones, beauty saleswoman extraordinaire arrives at the gorgeously intimate Studio Theatre at The Lowry; complete with her vanity case of Snow Queen facial bleach and other must have beauty essentials, “providing service to the fat, hairy and downright horrendous!”

Written by and starring Debbie Tracey, this one-woman show takes us through a hour of Jacqueline’s life as it slowly unwinds after the disappearance of her husband, after he was caught evading tax, along with the contents of the nightclub safe.

Jacqueline is ambitious and driven and living the lifestyle that a women of her standing ought to be leading.  Snapshots of her childhood, where she was bullied for being one of only three coloured people at her school, play out and we see how it has shaped her, and how she has now become the bully as she oppresses her PA.  Glimpses of a sad past are revealed with the relationship which could have been, has she not followed her own advice of “if a millionaire asks you to marry them, always say ‘yes'."

As her life starts to unravel throughout the hour, we are treated to a hysterical view of her life, her dreams, her ambitions and a rendition of Tina Turner which is not to be missed. 

Debbie’s performance is fantastic and her talents shine through providing a memorable performance, superb one liners and a glimpse into the glamorous lifestyle of one of Tropic Beauty International’s number one saleswomen. If you can catch this show, you won’t be disappointed.

- Geoff Hodge


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