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Alegria - Cirque Du Soleil (Tour - Manchester)

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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Alegria is one of Cirque du Soleil’s earlier shows and as such focuses less on a complex back story and more on the provision of top quality acts seamlessly woven together by hauntingly beautiful music and Cirque’s familiar clown acts. This is a difficult show to review as there is so much to see and hear yet it can be tricky to capture it in words that due the shows justice.

This stunning show starts very subtly with some of the clowns moving through the audience and interacting with everyone, much to the delight of children who are on the receiving end of tissue paper water from buckets and to the discomfort of adults who are required to dance with the performers.  After a great introduction to all the performers the show begins with a graceful swinging trapeze act and the entire show follows flawlessly and to the same high standard.

The show highlights great musicality and has some truly breath taking acts such as the double contortionist act, the fire jugglers, hula hoop act, a beautiful figure on a aerial bungee ropes , a phenomenal hand balancer and so much more.  
The set as ever is a delight and is an essential part of the show as it moves to reveal an x shaped fast track for one of the best performances of the night from the trampoline performers who move with great speed and precision as well as slowing the act down to move gracefully and effortlessly through the air in beautiful formations.

The piece closes with a stunning Russian bar routine that is heart stopping and a great closing act. The lighting for this particular section is to be commended and adds to the excitement and quality of the show.

Alegria is one of the most family friendly shows that Cirque has in its repertoire and its simplicity is the key to its success.  There is something magical about Cirque du Soliel no matter what your age and long may it continue to delight audiences around the globe.

- Ruth Lovett


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