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Opening: Four Girls and a Caravan

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New Liverpool writers Steve Simpson and Lynne Fitzgerald bring their play Four Girls and a Caravan to St Helens this week.

The theatre has billed the production as “a brilliantly funny, original comedy”, and the cast also features some familiar faces from the Liverpool Royal Court scene including Fitzgerald herself.

The plot

Stacey and Danielle have had enough of screaming kids, nosy neighbours and 'lazy' husbands. So they're off to Stacey's caravan deep in the heart of the Welsh countryside for a weekend away from it all. For old times sake and a 'little bit of what they fancy!'

Of course the gang wouldn't be complete without Amber, who they used to take to the pub in her push-chair, and Rhonda. There's always been Rhonda. 'Stuck-up cow', thinks she owns the place but she's got a few bob and can talk her way out of anything.

What should be a weekend of girls behaving badly takes a dramatic turn and their lives can never be the same again -literally.

The cast also includes Suzanne Collins (A Fistful of Collars, The Salon), as well as Lynn Clark (One Night in Istanbul), Clare Bowles (Dirty Dusting), Chantelle Joseph (The Salon), Shaun Mason (Council Depot Blues), and Pete Price, a local radio celebrity, makes a special guest appearance.

Four Girls and a Caravan is being directed by Sylvie Gatrill, who worked on the original production of Dave Kirby's comedy Lost Soul.

Speaking about the production during rehearsals at Liverpool’s Adelphi hotel, actress Suzanne Collins said: “Four Girls and a Caravan is a hilarious new play directed by Sylvie Gatrill. We’ve had a scream in rehearsals and hope it really takes off in St Helens and travels to Merseyside. Tickets are going really well, we’d love people to come and support us. All tickets are £5 and the theatre is right outside the station.

“It s a different, funny new Liverpool play which really makes you think about life! The characters are even on Facebook and it has generated lots of interest.”

Four Girls and a Caravan appears at the Theatre Royal in St Helens on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 July. For tickets call 01744 756 000.


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