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I’ve Been Elvita Adams at Preston Tringe

Elvita Adams is a stand-up comedian.  She is also the woman, who, in 1979, jumped from the Empire State Building and survived.  So her jokes always involve people jumping to their deaths.

Ashley Smith of Comfortism brings alive this mysterious character in I’ve been Elvita Adams, a show that’s much, much funnier than it should be. It is based on the story of the woman who was ‘blown back in’ to the sky scraper by a freak gust of wind.  The luckiest escape of all time or just an urban legend?

Find out, with this one woman show, filled with innovative and odd characters, such as the world’s worst cross dresser, a living cliché, called Detective Argent Casey, and a very, very angry pigeon indeed.

The show finishes with the infamous big sing-along, “Derby’s Day in the Sun”, written in remembrance of gay teenager Shaun Dykes who was goaded into jumping to his death by a mob of Saturday afternoon shoppers!

Ashley was invited to perform at this year’s Tringe after being spotted at The Continental in Preston. A night of laughs, tears and song.

I’ve Been Elvita Adams runs at the Black Horse Hotel in Preston on 29th and 30th July.