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Five Reasons To See...Shakespeare For Kidz: Macbeth

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Shakespeare For Kidz - the innovative theatre company which makes the Bard accessible to young people are back in the region this month, with their version of Macbeth. Here, Di Eccleston from S4K gives us her five reasons why you should deffo go along.

1.The story.
Macbeth is a brilliant story about a Scottish warrior who meets three witches and finds out his destiny is to become king of Scotland.  But before he can get to the throne he must murder the men who stand in his way, aided and abetted by his evil wife. All the characters are included in this full-scale version.

2. The creativity.
This musical adaptation features lots of great songs and dances from the vibrant cast of professional performers plus some stunning sword fights.

3. The atmosphere.
The show features weird witches, gory ghosts, bloody battles and even a forest which moves. There’s lots of rumbling thunder and a parade of spooky apparitions as Macbeth learns his future from the gruesome threesome.

4. The cast
The 14-stong cast and live musicians make this an exciting show. Jason Lee Scott is a mesmerising Macbeth and Kirk Barker as Macduff has already earned himself the nickname Macbuff…see the show and you’ll see why! And have a giggle with Noel Andrew Harron as the funny, joke-telling porter.

5. The edu-tainment value
Writers Julian Chenery (director) and Matt Gimblett have cleverly laced the most famous of Shakespeare’s lines (like “Is this a dagger which I see before me?” and “Something wicked this way comes”) into modern language so the story is easy to understand for audiences of all ages.  S4K hope this production will demystify the Bard and whet everyone’s appetite to go on and study this and other Shakespeare plays in greater depth.

S4K present Macbeth at the Palace Theatre on Mon 14 and Tues 15 September.


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