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Five Reasons To See...Just For Tonight

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Rebekah Harrison is a local actress/writer who has recently formed the Milk and Two Sugars Theatre Company. Just For Tonight will be the second play that Rebekah has had professionally produced. The first, Behind Closed Doors premieried at the Preston Tringe Festival earlier in the year. Rebekah plays Beth, a prostitute who we follow through the course of an evening with her client. Here, Rebekah gives us her five reasons to see Just For Tonight.

1. The Storyline
Without giving too much away, Just for Tonight gives a new view to an age old scenario.... a prostitute and her client. We are all about producing real theatre that entertains, grips the audience and provides a snapshot of real life on stage. Just for Tonight does all that and more in just over an hour! If you think you know how the story is going to go, come along and prepare to think again!

2. The Cast
One massive reason to come and see Just for Tonight is the small but talented cast. The nature of the play has meant the rehearsal process has been intense and the emotional journeys that the characters go through have been challenging but a great experience to explore as actors. The Milk and Two Sugars Theatre Company is of the opinion that great theatre isn't about pyrotechnics, fancy footlights or clever language - it's all about people, their struggles and triumphs, highs and lows, laughter and tears.... it's about recreating 'real life' on stage. The cast of Just for Tonight do a brilliant job of this.

3. The Writing
As a writer, I am drawn to creating 'real' dialogue and down to earth drama. I have been really inspired growing up watching the work of fantastic writers such as Jimmy McGovern and Alan Bennett. I love the idea of creating 'people' in a play that the audience invest something in - you care what happens to them, you want them to get through. Just for Tonight will make you care about the people in its world.

4. The Venue
Salford Arts Theatre truly is "Salford's hidden gem" - it is a fantastic performance space that has hosted and produced some fine work. The theatre is a perfect size for Just for Tonight - the intimate venue adds to the almost voyeuristic element of the play. If this is your first visit to Salford Arts Theatre, I guarantee you that it won't be your last!

5. Value for Money
Times are hard and theatre can be pretty darned expensive! But with tickets priced at only £7.00, Just for Tonight is excellent value for money and accessible for everyone. It is the perfect night to invite your mates to - theatre goers or not, this play has something for everyone and frankly, it's a bargain!

Just For Tonight is at Salford Arts Theatre from 2 - 4 September.


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