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Five Reasons To See...Faulty Towers- The Dining Experience

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Alison Pollard-Mansergh (above, left) plays Sybil in Faulty Towers- The Dining Experience and is also the creative director of the show.

This unique experience places you in the dining room, with the characters.

We caught up with Alison to find her five reasons why you should visit the Lowry to see her, Basil and Manuel.

1. The experience
- If you have ever watched the TV show Fawlty Towers and wondered what it would be like to actually be in that dining room with those characters … here is the opportunity. With the show happening among the audience and not on a stage, everyone has the opportunity to become involved in the ‘13th episode’, and, let’s face it, EVERYONE wants to be abused by Basil … as least once!

2. The laughs
- The best way to beat the blues and forget about the worries of the day is to laugh, and there is plenty of that to be found here, not only from the storyline that weaves its way throughout the meal, but also from the off-the-cuff antics resulting from the interaction of actors and audience.

3. The food
- There aren’t many opportunities to enjoy theatre AND eat a three course meal at the same time, all included in the one ticket price… And this very much adds to the reality of where you are… in a 1970’s restaurant famous for its bad service!

4. The cast
- These performers are internationally acclaimed actors, as well as high quality impersonators and improvisers who ad-lib with the audience. As such, the show changes every night, because the audience changes every night. It is one skill to act, another skill to impersonate, and yet another skill to improvise, but these actors impersonate the Fawlty Towers characters AND improvise as the characters … this is an art form in its own right!

5. The rest
- Some expected and some not… The rat… Sybil’s singing … The service… Manuel’s English… Basil’s fish… The fire-drill…

Oh and this Faulty Towers experience will have you talking and laughing for a long time after the meal is finished. Even people who don’t know the TV show lap it up! The show always sells-out fast and seats are always limited… Don’t miss out!

Faulty Towers runs at the Lowry from 06 -19 Sept - please click here for further details. 


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