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9 to 5 Misleading Lady?

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9 to 5 the musical is a fun, frivolous musical that tanked on Broadway but is heading here this year to the Manchester Opera House and other venues across the country. I for one will be watching this again (hoping that a few of the songs have been rewritten) because I love the film and adore Dolly Parton (who wrote the new score for this show). 

However after looking online the other day to find out some more info about the UK plans, I stumbled across the advertising for this production and have to say was more than a little shocked. As well as being completely overhauled from the US advertising, the new poster has a giant picture of Dolly Parton on it. Now I love a giant picture of Dolly Parton as much as the next person, but the poster makes it look like the tiny blonde songbird will be appearing in the show herself.  Some of Parton’s fans were ready to purchase tickets thinking they were about to see her stepping in to the role of Doralee once more.

Well my fellow Parton fans, she will not be appearing in the show (though i bet she will pop up on press night to sing a song at the end of the show) and the producers should really change the very misleading poster. However Dolly herself will be gracing the Manchester Opera House on Press Night for the show, but this time walking the red carpet and helping to sell the musical to UK audiences, you gotta love her.

- Craig Hepworth

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