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Stomp (Tour - Milton Keynes)

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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With the energy of flamenco, the comedy of mime, and the sheer primal power of drumming Stomp is a theatrical event that is thrilling in every sense. This is a highly inventive, emotionally nuanced show, which is fast-paced, flawless and full of excitement. From the tiniest sounds (stroking a newspaper) through to the thumping of dustbins, the audience were absolutely hooked.

The relationships between the performers are compelling. Their fluency, both of rhythm and of movement, is truly impressive. This is a production that draws on both the primeval energies of drumming and the avant-garde rhythms of contemporary jazz. A series of set pieces segue into each other, referencing those that have gone before and making the way for those that are yet to come. Stomp is defined by vigour, but it is not just a powerful noise. There is an astonishing complexity of rhythms here. A drummer might kick off, banging a stick or a broom, to establish a beat before the other drummers join him. Before long new time signatures and textures find their way in until the range of rhythmic strands is completely breathtaking. With no interval the show is incredibly demanding for its performers, but it leaves the audience with an unforgettable and inspiring experience.

- Claire Steele


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