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High School Musical 2 (Tour - Oxford)

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Now it is not often that I turn down the chance to see a musical (or any piece of theatre, come to think of it) but I decided that I was not really the target audience for this sort of work. The High School Musical franchise is not aimed at the likes of me - so I sent along someone who really would appreciate the nuances of the plot and the delicate harmonies of the score - my nine year old niece - Katherine! She did need her mum to drive her - so the two of them presented themselves at the New Theatre on Monday evening.

They loved every minute of it!

Here are just a few of the things they said:

'Great show - especially for 9 year olds in love with Troy!'

'Les Dennis was very funny but he could have done with a better American accent'

'Troy was great - he was the right choice to play the part'

The role of Troy was cast as part of GMTV competition - the winner being Liam Doyle from Coventry. Katherine was completely speechless at the thought of Liam and he might just have eclipsed the original in her eyes.

Other cast members who stood out for Mum and Daughter were Jack Scott (runner-up in the GMTV show) and Lauren Hall who made a great Sharpay.

The set and costumes were 'awesome' - particularly the poolside sequences. Katherine was singing along throughout (as, I am sure, were most of the young girls in the audience - very probably their mums too!).

All in all, they both rated the show very highly and would recommend it to anyone who loved the films. And who am I to argue with that?


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