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Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (Southampton - tour)

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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We are in for the ride of our lives…. when Priscilla Queen of the Desert kicks off to a colourful, rousing start - complete with an amazing, light show - with disco favourite “It`s Raining Men.”

Based on the1994 smash-hit movie, this is a wildly fresh, stage production, crammed full with around 20 disco hits like, “Go West”, “Venus”, “I Love the Nightlife”, “True Colours”, “Boogie Wonderland” and of course the ultimate favourite, “I Will Survive”.

Singing and dancing us through the story of drag queen/father, Tick / Mitzi - who is fabulously portrayed by former Hear`say member, Noel Sullivan, we are taken on a journey (the clever effects make us feel it`s almost real) from Sidney Australia to Alice Springs, where Tick is to meet his son for the first time. He drags, (pun intended) life-long friend, transexual Bernadette (Richard Grieve) and flamboyant Adam/Felicia (Graham Weaver), along for the ride, in a camper-bus crowned, what else but, Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

As the friends head west across the outback - enjoying all sorts of adventures - all are on a journey of personal discovery. They put on shows enroute, complete with extravagent costumes and amazing wigs, and it is unlike anything the locals have ever, or will eve, see again! When they meet cuddly mechanic Bob (Giles Watling) love is definitely in the air.

Principle cast performances are spot-on, with the three leading `ladies` handling the highs, lows, comedies and tragedies of emotion, brilliantly. The whole cast give energetic, fun-loving performances, and the three 'flying' divas deliver superb songs with lots of wit and precision.

Noel Sullivan shines, especially in the beautiful, touching duet, “Always on my Mind”, with newly met son, Benji (superb newcomer Oliver Payne. Bernadette (Grieve) carries ‘himself’ and his harmonies with utter class, whilse Felicia (Weaver - displaying an absolute, belter of a voice), camps it up to hilarious effect. The incredible, slick male/female switches, not to mention the fabulous outfits and stunning footwear that go with them- are absolutely brilliant.

Simon Phillips` outrageous extravaganza is simply but cleverly staged. The eye-popping costumes are colourful, dazzling and novel. The music divine. Watch out for Frances Mayli McCann`s Cynthia, performing an hysterically funny rendition of “Pop Muzik”, the likes of which has surely, never been seen before!

Jason Donavan will definitely have his work cut out to better Noel Sullivan`s extremely, energetic performance, when he takes over his role from 3rd June!


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