Full Circle is a comedy set in the 1950s that tells the story of three children who suddenly find the portrait of their father, which has hung over the fireplace for years, was actually bought in an antique shop and no one knows who he really is.

On top of this their Mother reveals she has never been married and they all have different fathers. But as her eldest two children have announced their engagements she has little choice but to invite all the three fathers to meet their children, who they do not know exist, for the first time.

Screen legend, Joan Collins (still fondly remembered as Alexis Carrington in Dynasty and for the film The Stud) heads the cast as Denise Darvel (the children’s Mother) in this comedy by Alan Melville. There is no doubting her presence when on stage and her final entrance at the top of the sets regal sweeping staircase (designed by Hugh Durrant) in a black and violet sparkling evening gown brought spontaneous applause from the audience.

The play is constructed as a star vehicle for Collins, and she does not disappoint. But special mention must be made of John Quayle as Sir Micheal Anstruther, Nickolas Grace as Jan Letzaresco (a Polish concert pianist) and Shiela Bernette, an actress who has worked with almost every great comedian and is instantly recognisable, who plays Marthe the maid.

This is a light, entertaining comedy, which never pretends to be anything more than a showcase for it’s star, Collins. It fulfils that task admirably and on that level it will not disappoint an audience.

- John Dixon (reviewed at the Theatre Royal Newcastle Upon Tyne)