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Rona Munro's James Plays reign at Edinburgh
By Rebecca Donn
'These plays are more than a reaction to a referendum. They are an astonishing dramatic achievement.'
James Graham's new play premieres at Theatre Royal Plymouth
By Rebecca Donn
The upcoming season also includes several Edinburgh Fringe transfers
Siddhartha, the Musical (Edinburgh Fringe)
Making its UK debut, this Italian production follows the story of young Prince Siddhartha after he discovers the reality of life outside his palace
Robin Ince's Blooming Buzzing Confusion (Edinburgh Fringe)
Ince sets out to explore conciousness in his latest solo show
NewsRevue 2014 (Edinburgh Fringe)
Nick Clegg asks David Cameron to build a snowman in this year's NewsRevue
Dr Longitude's Marvellous Imaginary Menagerie (Edinburgh Fringe)
Les Enfants Terribles bring their latest family friendly production to Edinburgh
Sister (Edinburgh Fringe)
Amy and Rosana Cade present a 'fierce, unflinching exposure of real-life sibling sexuality'
Made in ILVA - The Contemporary Hermit (Edinburgh Fringe)
This dance show takes aim at the controversial ILVA factory in Italy
National Theatre Wales scoops £20k Space Prize
By Rebecca Donn
The company have received their second Edinburgh award in as many years
50 Shades! The Musical (Edinburgh Fringe)
An uproarious US parody of EL James' erotic novel hits the Fringe