Bourgeois & Maurice are shocking filth mongers and they bring some of their trashy friends along with them for an evening of adult entertainment in Bourgeois & Maurice... and Friends as a part of the Brighton Fringe. This successful duo is has developed a cult following at subversive venues in London, festivals, and clubs around the world for their dark comedic talents, over the top make up, and wacky costumes.


Georgeois Bourgeois George Heyworth is the androgynous, sequin studded transsexual host who guides you through the gutters of glam rock alongside his “sister” Maurice Maurice Liv Morris who accompanies him on the keyboards and vocally. These singing siblings are no Osmonds – Bourgeois looks like he raided Frank’n’furter’s wardrobe from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Maurice looks like she had extensions added to Amy Winehouse’s beehive. The language that comes out of their mouths is absolutely appalling and leaves the audience covering their mouths, yet gasping for more.


The audience is invited to step back in time to an underground cross dressing cabaret in Berlin and spend the next hour and a half laughing until it hurts at the dirtiest, most thought provoking lyrics mixed with catchy melodies and heart-felt narratives. The emo duo breaks from their usual morose melancholy to sing the most up-beat song about global warming, to a catchy tune that leaves you in awe of their clever lyrics and musical abilities. Maurice then goes on to share her secret sexual fetishes with the audience as the two break into a hilariously prurient song about taxes. They bring the house down with the crowd favourite, Ritilin.


Bourgeois & Maurice bring some frisky friends along to perform as well. Johnny Woo, the self proclaimed “tranny scaly”, wins audiences over with a cheeky poke at Mary Portas through an original rap that is as witty at Bourgeois and Maurice and just as dirty. If the viewers are sufficiently shocked, she then goes into her outlandish original Tranny at the Olympics which is sure to please the shameless crowd. Dr. Brown comes along for some silent antics to embarrass whoever he picks on, but sure to make everyone laugh.


The show is outrageous, out of control and completely original. The juxtaposition of intuitive social commentary delivered by gender-bending weirdos with potty mouths is delightfully unexpected and exciting. Bourgeois & Maurice are fiercely trashy and intelligently funny.