An evening of comedy and song with David Frankel at the piano


Sadie Goldberg, celebrated Jewish Mother, is returning to the stage! It is opening night and friends from her younger days in the theatre have come to see the show. Serafina Dubois and Clarice Montain meet unexpectedly in the bar and reminisce through hilarious conversation and with the wonderful songs of George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Kurt Weill and more!


Things never change for them. It’s all about men - young, old, past and present......... and those still to come! Sadie takes to the stage and it’s time to sit back, relax and let the ladies titillate your fancy.


Toni Green has developed the character of Sadie Goldberg, with fast growing success on the London comedy circuit, and was the only female finalist in Comedy Factor, a competition for Jewish comedians. She is joined in this production by Sarah Shelton as Serafina Dubois and Claire Kinson as Clarice Montain


Sadie and the Faded Ladies will be appearing at The Latest Music Bar on 7 May at 7pm, 13 May at 9pm, 27 May at 9pm and also at the Leicester Square Theatre in London on 22 May as part of a season bringing the Brighton Fringe to London.