This is a clever and satisfying reworking of the traditional ghost story. It begins in a lonely radio studio as an actor records a new radio play about the mysterious goings on surrounding a man’s death, but the narrative of this ghost story doesn’t want to be simply retold: it wants to reside in the present and go on existing.

The plot is refreshingly simply, but an atmosphere of suspense builds throughout the production due to the brilliant solo performance given by Martin Miller. Miller creates a pleasing comic balance between the moments of meta-drama when he records the ghost story and becomes ‘storyteller Martin’, and his quips and quibbles as a disgruntled actor. As with the best ghost stories, Miller’s wry sense of humour initially relaxes the audience and then sets them on edge.

The growing sense of dread is also cultivated by the innovative use of sound and visual effects designed by Jonathan Suffolk. In synthesizing audio and visual effects the audience becomes immersed in the mind of Martin and the haunting presence that pervades this story. A chilling success.

- Charlotte Pegram