Pleasance Courtyard
5-29 August, 23.00

CJ, the baby-faced host of low-budget cable TV show-within-a-play, Righteous Money, is a nasty piece of work. He has made a lot of cash out of an unscrupulous attitude towards business and hasn’t been afraid to screw over anyone happening to be standing in his way.

His unique blend of misogyny and self-delusion is delicious to watch and the format of the show, in which segments of live filming are interspersed with off camera moments of honesty, makes for a well-paced hour.

The breakdown CJ undergoes as a result of being dumped by his assistant turned lover isn't entirely credible – this character doesn’t have enough of a moral compass to allow him to feel the sort of guilt expressed here – but that really doesn't matter: Michael Yates Crowley is strong enough in the role of CJ to carry us with him and make us laugh along the way.