If the thought of yet another pantomime fills you with horror, then the seasonal frolic which makes up Eastern Angles' Christmas entertainment is the one for you. This year Julian Harries and Pat Whymark suggest that we Dial M for Murgatroyd. This eponymous character is a "sweet" old lady, not a million miles removed from a certain Miss Marple. She's summoned to a country village (one presumes in Suffolk) by her old school-friend Violet Fitzall.

Violet has a problem. Well, several of them in fact. One is her husband and lord of the local manor Clive. Two others are her huntin' shootin' fishin' daughter Georgina and her languidly effete son Fenton. The plot thickens and general mayhem ensues when one Mad Meg, assorted tramps, village people of differing degrees of probity, Georgina's unwelcome suitor and a Scotland Yard detective come onto the scene and into the fast and furious action.

Designer Richard Evans has thought up an array of quick-change costumes and highly portable scene-setting props for the hard-working, hard-playing cast. Patrick Marlowe flips in and out of seven different characters (of both sexes) sometimes playing two or three in the same scene. Harries has written himself two major roles – Clive Fitzall and Inspector Jessop – but leaves plenty of juicy moments for Samuel Martin, including a brace of hapless butlers and the airy-fairy Fenton.

Deborah Hewitt is the gun-toting, heavy fisted Georgina and the lissome Rose Early. Emma Finlay doubles Violet and the sinister cauldron-stirring Meg (anyone for an eye of newt and toe of frog supper after the show?). All five play various instruments, sing and dance to one of Whymark's delicately send-up pastiche scores. Hilarious.