For the next interview in the Superstar series I got to chat to Jon Moses who, having been thrown a lifeline as the reserve, and then given a massive break by becoming a member of the “Final 11”, was one of the victims of the double elimination in the fifth show. Here he talks about his amazing journey.


Did it upset you when they kept calling you “Butlins Jesus”?

Do you know what, I am not shy about my history, it’s made me what I am and I’m proud of where I’ve come from and I’ve never pretended to be anything that I’m not. I have sung at holiday parks and, to be honest, that’s where I learned a lot of my skills so, if any one tried to use that label in maybe a negative way, I couldn’t really see it.


Everyone has a background, even the big stars, we all come from somewhere. Talking of big stars, I just saw Gary Barlow about two minutes ago – it’s weird – famous people are completely different in real life!


I bet people say that about you when they meet you. 

No, I doubt it; I still look like Peter Crouch in real life!


What was it like when they told you that you would be in the “Final 11”?

Oh, my life, it was just crazy. I was on the way to the doctors at the time as I had a bad cold and they stopped me and said that I had to go and see “The Lord” and I honestly thought I was going to be sacked for being so ill.


Then, when I got there, we sat down and – he is lovely, a really down-to-earth personable character - he said the news to me and I just couldn’t – you know when a baby cries so hard but no sound comes out – that’s what it was like.


I physically couldn’t talk so I jumped up and gave him a cuddle and then I thought, oh no, am I allowed to cuddle a Lord? – so I sat back down. It was so crazy and I was so totally over the moon that I don’t think it really sank in until about four or five days afterwards.


Had they kept you at the same level as the “Final 10” or did you have to catch up?

They had treated me exactly the same as the other 10 guys and I took it just as seriously as they all did. I kind of went into it saying to myself that someone would definitely get ill, and if it was to happen, I wouldn’t be prepared if I didn’t really go for it.


Every time I was singing a song I was always doing it as if I was on the big stage or if we were asked to go away and look into something, or work on lyrics, I always did it just because if I hadn’t and then I had been given the chance I was, it would have been way too much of a shock


You certainly seemed to be more than a match for them in the live shows.

Well, thank you. Do you know, it was a real worry when I first went on because I did think that I might stand out like a sore thumb and maybe not look as good as the other guys but then I kind of just thought, I need to get a grip and take this seriously and accept the fact that I am in the competition now.


We you surprised that you weren’t the first to go?

I couldn’t believe it. I think I survived five shows! It’s been an absolutely fantastic experience for me. There is no feeling in the world like being on stage with all of those brilliant lads and how well they sing, and seeing their acting – you just feel a part of something absolutely massive and it’s something I’m sure that I can build on to try and get some future work – hopefully.


How much did you pick up from the boot camp vocal and acting coaches?

Loads - absolutely loads. Honestly I mean they were so good. Sometimes, with these telly shows you kind of wonder if they really invest the time into the contestants but these guys really have. We’ve had Yvie and Donna who have really worked so hard with us and Donna especially – well, she used to really scare me at first because I’ve never really met anyone like her because she kind of looks really deep into your soul and she doesn’t take no excuses, if she asks you to do something you’ve just got to do it. I have learned so very much, even like the stuff about working with cameras, it’s just a different world


So, what’s next Jon?

What’s next? That’s the big question. Obviously the show is still going on so I am just going to root for the other guys and see how it all ends up, but I’d really love to get to do something in the West End – I would so love to do that. Maybe I could do some TV work as well, or release an album – but I’d be worried that no one would buy it.


One thing I can say for myself is that I am definitely a really hard worker and I’m not going to have worked for five and a half months just to let this opportunity go. I’m going to welcome anything that comes my way and grab it with both hands.