Opera North is back at the Lowry in June with La Boheme, Mary Stuart and Rusalka. Here, associate director of Rusalka, Luise Napier gives us her five reasons why you should make a trip to the Lowry next month.

1. Are you longing to see an opera with beautiful music, typical fairytale characters both good and evil, exciting orchestral sounds and glorious singing? Then Rusalka which has many similarities to Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid may be the one for you

2. Searching for an opera with interesting sets, costumes and evocative lighting? This one ticks all the boxes.

3. Always hoping to see an opera that tells a moving story with moments of joy, hope, betrayal, and  sadness? Rusalka näively longs to be made human because she has fallen in love with a mortal man. She wants to escape the darkness and cold of the watery depths and live as a human with a soul, and feel the warmth of the sun. Sung in English and with English titles Rusalka is clear and easily understood.        
4. Kind of reticent to go to an opera that you’ve never heard of? Well, you will probably realise you know the famous aria Song to the Moon, when you hear it. There is much more, with funky trios and incredible music performed by wonderful singers, so just give it a try.

5. And we’ll guarantee you’ll enjoy a glorious night of entertainment along with Rusalka, the devilish Witch, a Water Sprite, a glamorous Foreign Princess, a gossipy Kitchen Boy, a braggardly Huntsman and three cheeky Wood Nymphs!

Opera North's Rusalka is at the Lowry on Thurs, 17 June.