The Playhouse Plays Out series often invites the audience to engage in ways that traditional theatre doesn’t – but this is the first one that actually requires the audience to provide the power. A partnership with Cyc de Soleil means that the latest production, Bicycle Boy, will be powered by audience members pedalling!

And to make sure that using pedal power wouldn’t be a gimmick, writer and director, Helen Eastman, insisted they find a performance space without any other source of power. That way there could be no cheating.

So a disused workshop at Osney Marina provides the setting for a spot of sleuthing. Sam has followed in his Dad and his Grandad’s footstep and loves fixing bikes. Years ago when he was small his Grandad promised him a very special present when he could ride without stabilisers – Sam sets out to find it. Trouble is, all the clues need power to solve them and that’s where the audience come in! Pedalling specially adapted bikes attched to invertors (that’s a bit of wizardry that converts the pedalling to power) they will get the lights on and the record playing.

Aimed at 5-8yr olds and their families it promises to provide a lot of fun, a cracking story, some songs, pedalling is optional (and there will be a chance to have a go at the end if you haven’t already had a go or felt a bit shy). Arrive by bike and you get a free drink as well. There are even some bike workshops on some days...

Kate Saffin