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Little Black Bastard

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Noel Tovey is a national hero in Australia, coming out as an abandoned and sexually abused Aboriginal child, and rent boy, in Melbourne, the grim matter of his solo chat show in a severely truncated one-hour version.

Tovey, now 77, but still handsome, fairly lithe and distinctively erect, lived in London for thirty years, appearing in ballets and musicals (he was in Oh! Calcutta! and The Boy Friend); he also owned a famous art deco gallery in Fulham.

Boy, what a journey he made, from squalor and deprivation to high camp and cocktails. Once, he was even raped by the future head of the Melbourne police force. His mum was a drunk, his father a cocaine addict.

No wonder he took up dancing and made a debut in Paint Your Wagon. When the presentational hiccups are sorted, this is worth seeing, if only to know that there’s always someone worse off than yourself.


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