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What's in my dressing room? - Josephine Lee

Currently performing in Impossible at the Noel Coward Theatre, the magician takes us backstage to show us her dressing room

Josephine Lee is a magician and escapologist currently starring in Impossible at the Noel Coward Theatre. She has previously performed for Prince Albert of Monaco, Stella McCartney and Germaine Jackson and has appeared on BBC One's The Magicians and The One Show. Whilst working with Hans Klok, the pair broke the world record for the fastest number of illusions to be performed in five minutes.

Josephine took us backstage at the theatre to show us what tricks she has lying around her dressing room.

The Nail

JL: Working on a show with five male magicians comes at a price - they're always tricking and fooling one another, so this bad boy (nail) always comes in handy! I've got a few nice little tricks up my sleeve ;)

The Life Jacket

JL: So the story of how the life jacket found a home in my dressing room is yet to be discovered. Although it has now become standard behaviour that when you feel that life is getting on top of you, just put the life jacket on to keep your head above water. It's always a good way to lighten the mood when necessary.

The Dynamic Duo

JL: This is Milly and Chris who tend to be permanent fixtures in my dressing room. Milly is part of the production team, she keeps the entire show running but I like to pretend she's just there for my entertainment! On the other hand, Chris is a mind reader which is a very useful trait in a friend. I can highly recommend finding one of these.

My Lifeline

JL: I have a ridiculous amount of houmous and breadsticks in my dressing room. I eat houmous to give me energy, I eat it when I'm happy, I also eat it when I'm sad, tired or even full. I could literally eat houmous all day, everyday!

The Handcuffs

JL: Not your average dressing room item, but as an escapologist you'll always find a set of handcuffs in mine. Unfortunately these aren't anything out of the ordinary - just your typical set of bedroom handcuffs...

Impossible runs at the Noel Coward Theatre until 29 August.