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Can Lloyd-Webber finally get the government on board?

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Andrew Lloyd Webber has again called for more government support for theatres.

Speaking in a Lords debate on Arts and Culture, Lord Lloyd Webber joined slew of lordly arts patrons in calling for extra government funding – and possibly tax breaks, as he has suggested elsewhere.

“Britain still leads the world in the creative industries. However, this leading role is dependent on a complicated and fragile amalgamation of heritage, culture and investment…”

“If austerity Britain ignores that fact, we will surely ignore the fact that Britain is a talent hub that creates production and content that resonate around the globe. I cannot help but feel that in this cult of austerity Britain, the Government are turning their back on one of their most promising and extraordinary world-leading sectors. It is a sector that is under fire.”

“…I ask the Government urgently to consider a clear formula for a public-private partnership that ensures that there is a more mutual and solidly funded foundation for the - I hate to use the word ‘industry’ - arts.”

“Every day I see how the ripples of a successful creative industry are wide-reaching and affect all aspects of our lives. We underestimate this at our peril.”


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