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Mais ouis, mais ouis, the world may have changed a lot since we first bid a jovial ‘au revoir’ to the Trotters of Peckham, but good ‘ol Del Boy, Rodney and the rest of the gang haven’t changed a bit… well, apart from the odd spontaneous bursting into song here, and the occasional dancing across the market, there

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Dates: First Preview: 21 October 2024 Final Performance: 26 October 2024
Location: Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton

Lichfield Street,



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Paul Whitehouse Grandad - Bromley/Southend/Glasgow/Edinburgh/Manchester/Brighton/London Eventim Apollo/Bristol/Leeds/Southampton/Blackpool/Cardiff/Sheffield/Liverpool
Sam Lupton Del Boy
Philip Childs Alternate Grandad/Ensemble
Nicola Munns Marlene/Cassandra
Lee VG Trigger
Peter Watts Danny Driscoll/Mickey Pearce
Darryl Paul Mike/Tony Driscoll
Richard J Hunt Dating Agent
Andrew Bryant Resident Director/Dance Captain/Ensemble
Rhys Owen Ensemble
Katie Paine Ensemble