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A young Cretan girl is given an elixir to extend her life by 300 years and spends the time becoming the greatest singer of all time. But along the way she passes the recipe of the elixir to a lover and now, in 1922, she’s 337 years old and in court trying to recover the paper. In the end she wins, but decides not to take the potion but to die as without mortality life has ceased to have meaning.

Sung in Czech with surtitles in Welsh and English.

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Dates: One Night Only: 28 October 2022


Emma Bell Emilia Marty
Nicky Spence Albert Gregor
Gustav Belacek Dr Kolenaty
Mark Le Brocq Vitek - a solicitor
David Stout Baron Jaroslav Prus
Alan Oke Count Hauk-Sendorf