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Fast-moving and at times shocking, GW. Pabst’s 1929 film Diary of a Lost Girl traces the story of Thymian, played by the mesmerising screen idol Louise Brooks, as her life yoyos between episodes of lightness and innocence, darkness and hope. Moments of great comedy involve life in a reform school for fallen girls headed by a villainous nun, and a modern dance lesson with an incompetent buffoon. This gripping film defies convention, confounding expectations as joy and compassion are found in the most unlikely places. Wurlitza’s sound is eclectic but always beautiful, sensitively co-ordinating the music with the action of the film. Every part of the performance is live, with no pre-recorded material. Wurlitza’s approach bridges the gap between the 1920s and modern-day by adding repertoire that is familiar, relevant and skilfully arranged. The soundtrack for Diary of A Lost Girl includes music by Django Reinhardt, Fun Boy Three, Portishead, Wire, Chopin, Beethoven, Leonard Cohen, the Magic Numbers, Billie Holiday and the Doors. Expect the unexpected! Wurlitza’s musical line up uses heavenly five-part harmonies, piano and keyboards, classical and steel guitars, bass guitar, woodwind and mixed percussion. Wurlitza have been delighting audiences for over a decade, performing their unique soundtracks at a wide range of venues, from Glastonbury Festival to Blackpool Winter Gardens.

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Dates: One Night Only: 12 August 2021
Location: Acorn Arts Centre, Penzance

Parade Street,


TR18 4BU

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