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In the midst of the roaring twenties, Joe Carstairs emerged as a rebellious force, defying societal expectations to become a war hero and the fastest boat-racer of her generation. But steering against the expectations of her class and culture came at a cost, with the tides of destiny propelling her in unexpected directions. Cut to present day, when Hik, a tenacious young playwright from humble origins, grapples with their own defiant spirit. After meeting strong-willed Tee at a writing workshop, they are presented with the opportunity to craft a play about Carstairs, but find their own identity questioned when tradition collides with progress. It seems their societal norms are not all that different from their idol’s 100 years earlier.

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Dates: First Preview: 03 July 2024 Final Performance: 05 July 2024
Location: The Quay Arts Centres, Newport

Sea StreetNewport Quay,


PO30 5BD

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