About This Show

What does it take to kill a dragon? A brave knight in shining armour, a few trusty sidekicks, and a little magic? When feted hero, Lancelot, begins his quest to kill an evil dragon, he is unexpectedly greeted with hostility by the very people he is trying to liberate. He soon discovers it isn’t enough to slay the dragon he must also destroy its grip on the townspeople’s souls.

Written during the Second World War by celebrated Russian playwright Eugene Shwartz, this brilliant reimagining of the 1944 political satire is a timely interrogation of our own complicity in tyrannical rule. British-Ukrainian company Gamayun Theatre have expertly translated and reworked this powerful classic for a modern audience. A stunning combination of Western and Eastern European folklore, traditional music and dance, and contemporary storytelling, this powerful fairy-tale is full of love and hope for humanity.

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Dates: Opening Night: 13 December 2019 Final Performance: 14 December 2019