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Five Reasons to See ... The Enlightenment Cafe

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The Old Vic Tunnels are home to The Enlightenment Café until 3 June. Here the festival's producers give us five reasons not to miss it.

A mashup of science and theatre
See theatre and science collide in a brand new immersive setting that’s sure to fire up the imagination. The Enlightenment Café will delve into topics ranging from astronomy to paleontology, from My Little Pony to zombies and from art to invention. Only the tedious will be off limits.

Time travel
It’s a chance to step back in time for a drink, dance and speed debate – whatever takes your fancy. Enlightenment cafés originated in the coffee houses of the 17th century; also known as 'penny universities', they were ‘theatres of exchange’ and social hubs for new thinking in science, philosophy, politics and arts – places where ideas came together and bubbled with excitement.

Science ... but not as we know it
At The Enlightenment Café you can do the rounds at a Victorian psychiatric clinic, be schooled in the science of dating etiquette or meet a man in an opium den who knows all about the Titanic Solar Storm of the 19th century.

Make new friends
Meet fellow aesthetes, geeks, bon-viveurs and enquiring minds. There will be fire scientists, neuroscientists, microbiologists and botanists. The Enlightenment Café is a place of exploration where people from all walks of life can debate, play and laugh the night away.

Unique setting
Come to The Enlightenment Café for a night of science and entertainment in a wholly unique setting. You will interact with characters, scientists and maybe, between drinks, learn a little something new.


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