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WOS writer’s Temp at 24:7

This year’s 24:7 Theatre Festival is set to be bigger than ever. The launch attracted the likes of Suranne Jones and John Henshaw. The line up includes a play by one of our own, Steven Timms; actor, writer and WOS Northwest reviewer. The festival runs from 20 – 26 July and the venues include Pure at the Printworks and New Century House.

The programme includes:

5:30 by Alistair McDowall

A play about childhood hopes, dreams and regret. The story is based on a true episode in which the writer of the play was accosted by a fellow train passenger who divulges his whole life story, world opinions and thoughts . Alistair McDowall, who studied Drama at Manchester University, is a second timer at 24:7. Last year’s Daisy’s was nominated for 5 theatre awards.

Temp/Casual by Steve Timms

This documents 9 to 5 drudgery alongside the gift of true friendships that are unbreakable. Steve is a north west playwright and actor who has been an active figure on the local theatre scene for some time. His cast have screen experience in Spooks, Coronation Street and Life on Mars.

The Last Chair by Ian Townsend

An absurd comedy about sitting in a chair stars Karl Lucas (Phoenix Nights, Peter Kay’s Britain’s Got the Pop Factor). Ian is back for a second year after performing Granny Must Die in 2008 at 24:7.

Dancing to the Sound of Crunching Snails by Joe Graham

This story is centred around the often bittersweet memories present when reminiscing on family times. Joe Graham also writes music for theatre with his brother and one of his songs is currently up for an award in the West End. One of the stars is Bernard Wrigley.

Blinded By The Light by Karl Voden

Karl Voden has been hugely supported by METAL, a charity helping to fund the visual arts and created by Jude Kelly. METAL gives them rehearsal space making them the only theatre company in the world to rehearse on a railway station platform, situated on the first line built between Liverpool and Manchester.

Maine Road by Sarah McDonald Hughes

A play about a grieving family who are in the process of losing their home, at the same time as Man City are playing their last few games at the Maine Road stadium. Sarah MacDonald Hughes has recently had the radio version of Maine Road shortlisted for a BBC Award.

Lub You by Eve Steele

A story of family breakup. Eve Steele has been an actress for the past 15 years, most famously in Coronation Street playing Curly Watt’s psycho girlfriend, who ended up meeting a grisly end.

Detaining Mr K by James Douglas

A play that asks are we sleepwalking into a world where basic liberties are destroyed? James Douglas won the Edinburgh Guide award in 2006 for his Dark Lantern, a play performed at that year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

No Wonder by Claire Urwin

No Wonder deals with memory and blame. Both writer Claire Urwin and producer Guy Jones studied at Manchester University. Claire is still a student and her first play How Hard it Happens won the International Student Playscript Competition.

The Person Without by Jenny Yates

This is a dark story of how the need for revenge can consume a person. Bolton-born Jenny Yates saw her first ever short story win a prize in a Manchester Evening News competition. This story is directed by 24:7 veteran Ian Moore.

Freshers by Steve Pearce

Freshers is a tale about how goals in life change as one develops and the bright ambitions at university that are often overshadowed by unexpected events. Steve Pearce is a former professional scientist who has always had a passion for creative writing.

Donal Fleet: A Confessional by Sean Gregson

This sinister comedy charters a journey of secrets and lies. Sean Gregson is a born and bred Mancunian and this is his second play. It is fulfilling a goal Sean set himself whilst selling tickets on the 24:7 Box office.

Cell by Ailis Ni Riain

Cell is about Hickey, a 19 year old Irishman who suffers acute social withdrawal syndrome and has lived in his bedroom for two years along with Mickey his alter-ego. Ailis Ni Riain grew up in Cork but has been in Manchester since 1999 after studying music at The Royal Northern College of Music.

As We Forgive Them by Richard Vergette

The play is a study of redemption and the power of education. The characters are polar opposites, one a virtually incoherent criminal, the other a super-articulate politician. Richard Vergette is a former teacher who was once part of the National Youth Theatre, performing with Jude Law and Jonny Lee Millar.

Out of Dead Air by Mark Murphy

This story comes from an initial idea in a dream and has developed into an inspiring tale of the fight for freedom in a literal and metaphorical sense. It’s a story really centred on the differences in human behaviour and reactions. This is Mark’s first time at 24:7, after working in a chemical company.

The Coffee Hour by Michael Peacock

Trained at the Arden School of Theatre, this play is Michael Peacock’s story of moving beyond the mistakes and tragedies in life and letting go of the past. Along with his wife, Michael founded The Rhema Theatre Company in 2001 touring schools, churches, prisons and community centres.

Frontline by Victoria Ofovbe

An urban drama about two young people caught up in the gun and gang culture. Victoria grew up in Manchester and, although the story is fictional, the inspiration came from people she knew and met growing up.

Remember Me by Jason Crouch

Set in the early Nineties `Madchester’ era, themes of love, loss and hope are explored amongst ecstasy raves and hopes of a revolution. Featuring classic Mad-chester songs from Happy Mondays, Sub Sub, The Stone Roses, The Cure, The Smiths, 808 State, Orbital, New Order, and many others.

Working Title by James Jowett & Adam Davies

A short film extended for 24:7. It’s based on the real life frustrations of the writers and their struggle to find integrity and identity in modern society. Throw a few ninjas in and you have Working Title.

Phys-Ed by Simon Carter

Neville Trellis is a rugby obsessed PE teacher and this story is centred on unfulfilled ambition and triumph over impossible odds. As a former stand up comic, Simon has performed with Jo Brand, Harry Hill, Al Murray, Jimmy Carr and Johnny Vegas.

Exit Salford by Ed Jones

The true story of the writer being run out of his Salford home by racists because his girlfriend and lodgers were Polish. Ed has had five novels published and has written two short films for the BBC and Channel 4 and for TV programmes including Holby City and The Bill.

For further details, please visit the 24:7 website.