What's in my dressing room? – Ashleigh Gray

The ”Wicked” witch takes us backstage to find out what she couldn’t live without whilst on the road

Ashleigh Gray as Elphaba in the UK tour of Wicked
Ashleigh Gray as Elphaba in the UK tour of Wicked
© Matt Crockett

Ashleigh is currently starring as Elphaba in the UK tour of Wicked. Her previous theatre credits include Cool Rider Live (Lyric and Duchess), The Secret Garden (UK Tour) and Betwixt! (Trafalgar Studios).

We caught up with her to find out which five things she couldn't live without in her dressing room.

The Dressing Room

The moisture

AG: Whether it's a hot ceramic steamer, a portable cold one or a humidifier, I absolutely couldn't live without steam! I (and more importantly, my voice) love the 'rainforest' feel in the dressing room.

The motivational mirror

AG: It can get quite lonely on the road, so it's very important to me that I feel like my loved ones, my friends and family, are always there with me! Having pics that make me smile and leaving little notes to myself, helps keep me inspired and motivated.

The tunes

AG: Music is very important to me and so I very rarely sit in silence in the dressing room. My Bose bluetooth speaker lets me blast out the tunes, whatever the mood. A good string of songs (80's rock, usually) will always get me fired up and ready for the show.

Put the kettle on

AG: I always have lots of herbal teas on hand for a bit of interval relaxation. The show is pretty full on whilst I'm out on stage, so it's nice to chill out for a bit and enjoy a nice cuppa, whilst Team Green do their transformation work.

The Degreenifying Products

AG: Quite literally couldn't do without these!! A combination of all of these things help me leave Elphaba behind when I leave the theatre each night. It's been a bit of trial and error, getting the mix of product and the process right but my trusty 'lucky shower cap' has been with me since I first played the role, 8 years ago!

Wicked is currently playing its last venue of the UK tour, the Lowry until 25 July. For more information click here.