Theatre Quiz of the Week: Christmas starts early and another Sherlock star treads the boards

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Results of this quiz.

The National Theatre reached a paying audience of how many people in the last 12 months?

1.3 million 11%
2.3 million 37%
3.3 million 26%
Correct: 4.3 million 26%

Which popular Christmas film will hit the stage for a UK tour next month?

The Grinch 5%
It's a Wonderful Life 15%
Correct: Miracle on 34th Street 76%
Home Alone 3%

Which former star of The Bodyguard will appear on stage in Anything Goes at the Crucible Theatre next month?

Beverley Knight 24%
Tristan Gemmill 16%
Alexandra Burke 17%
Correct: Debbie Kurup 43%

Sherlock star Amanda Abbington can be seen on stage with which Coronation Street star at the Royal Court next month?

Angela Griffin 25%
Correct: Julie Hesmondhalgh 49%
William Roach 7%
David Neilson 18%

What is the name of the new theatre launched by Wicked star Rachel Tucker and her husband, director Guy Retallack?

The Small House Theatre 18%
The Green House Theatre 23%
Correct: The Bridge House Theatre 50%
The Public House Theatre 9%

Susie McKenna is starring opposite her wife Sharon D Clarke in which Pantomime at the Hackney Empire?

Beauty and the Beast 11%
Cinderella 45%
Puss in Boots 12%
Correct: Mother Goose 32%

Three Lions, which will visit the St James Theatre next year, imagines a meeting between which three people?

Correct: David Cameron, Prince William and David Beckham 36%
David Cameron, Rebekah Brooks and Richard Bean 7%
David Cameron, Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill 53%
David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ali G 4%

Also part of the new season at the St James Theatre is a revival of Emlyn Williams' Accolade. Who is directing?

Jamie Lloyd 32%
Lindsay Posner 29%
Katie Mitchell 16%
Correct: Blanche McIntyre 22%

Which Once star will appear in the National Theatre's Christmas show, Treasure Island?

Correct: Arthur Darvill 64%
Declan Bennett 17%
Zrinka Cvitesic 12%
Jill Winternitz 6%

Janie Dee, Joanna Riding and Simon Bailey will appear in the one-off staging of which Sondheim musical at the Palace?

Company 9%
Follies 14%
Correct: A Little Night Music 68%
Assassins 9%