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Theatre cancels performances of Rotterdam following attack on actors

One performer was struck in the face in a hate crime in Southampton

Rotterdam is currently on tour
Rotterdam is currently on tour

Nuffield Southampton Theatres was forced to cancel two performances of Rotterdam the play after two of the show's performers were assaulted on the way to work.

In a statement the theatre confirmed that the "assailants verbally abused them and threw stones from the car window, one of which struck an actor in the face. They have sustained only minor injuries but are hugely shaken from this cowardly, homophobic hate crime."

The theatre urges anyone with information to contact the local police. Lucy Jane Parkinson and Rebecca Banatvala were attacked because they were embracing. In a statement Parkinson said: "There's no mistake that this was a homophobic hate crime. It was a cowardly attack as it was a moving car. Our community shouldn't have to tolerate this. This is why we have Pride. We should take all steps we can in the education system to help to eradicate this aggressive violence."

Jon Brittain's play is touring the UK following a run in London. The piece tells of Alice and her girlfriend Fiona, after Fiona decides she wants to transition to a man and Alice begins to question her own sexuality.

Sam Hodges, artistic director of the theatre tweeted: "I am extremely sad that this sort of appalling behaviour is still happening anywhere, let alone in a city where we have worked so hard to promote a culture of tolerance, inclusivity and civic pride."