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Shakespeare’s Globe announces casting for Othello, featuring two actors in title role

The show opens early next year

Ken Nwosu and Ira Mandela Siobhan, photos supplied by Shakespeare’s Globe

Shakespeare’s Globe has unveiled the complete company for its forthcoming presentation of Othello at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, under the direction of Ola Ince.

Notably, Ince’s production will employ two actors in the role of Othello, with the director explaining: “Our production will feature two Othellos, allowing us to focus on Othello’s inner turmoil through a physical portrayal of Othello’s subconscious and a traditional Othello, bringing Shakespeare’s powerful words to life; giving audiences an opportunity to get to know this iconic character in a brand-new light. Our talented company are electrifying, brave, and forensic about how this play speaks to today, and I am so delighted to be working with them.”

Cast members include Charlotte Bate as Emilia, Ralph Davis as Iago, Poppy Gilbert as Desdemona, Oli Higginson as Cassio, David Hounslow as Commissioner/Montano, Maggie Musgrove as Bianca, Ken Nwosu as Othello, Ira Mandela Siobhan as Subconscious Othello, Sam Swann as Roderigo, and Ché Walker as Brabantio/Lodovico.

The creative team contributing to the production comprises assistant director/writer Prime Issac, candlelight designer Anna Watson, composer Renell Shaw, costume supervisor Olivia Ward, designer Amelia Jane Hankin, fight and intimate director Yarit Dor, movement director Annie-Lunnette Deakin-Foster, with voice and text by Annamette Verspeak and casting by Becky Paris.

The musicians are Meera Raja, Charlie Laffer and Rio Kai.