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Secret Cinema announces immersive Bridgerton show

The premise is similar to that of ”Stranger Things” but with fewer creepy monsters and more Regency-era balls

(© 2021 Netflix)

Secret Cinema has revealed its next immersive event – based on the hit Netflix series Bridgerton and created alongside Fever.

Running at (as expected) an undisclosed location from November 2021 (with tickets going on sale early next week), the event will see attendees head to a ballroom, where they can dance along to re-imagined pop classics performed by a string quartet (a la Bridgerton's famous numbers).

There will also be dance cards, a projected image dance show, life drawing (!) and even a boxing club for those wanting something a bit more adrenaline-fuelled.

Creative director Matt Costain said: "Re-imagining the stunning world of the Netflix and Shondaland hit series Bridgerton and conjuring up Regency era London has been a pleasure. From casting and costumes, to soundtrack and set design, Bridgerton has pushed boundaries and we're excited to take this even further by bringing the scandalous world to life. This is an immersive experience that marries 1800s London with modern day special effects, while characters from Bridgerton move freely through the world, interacting with guests.

"Working with our production partners Fever, we've created a ball that will play out uniquely for each individual guest. Whether you wish to observe as part of The Ton, pose in the artist's den, train at the boxing club or take centre stage on the dancefloor, there's something for everyone?"

The piece marks the company's second collaboration with Netflix, following Stranger Things, which ran pre-pandemic.

Bridgerton was released on Netflix at the start of the year and became a major smash-hit, and the possibility of a musical adaptation has also been, to pardon the pun, courted.