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Olivia Colman: 'I have been avoiding theatre'

The ”Broadchurch” actress was speaking at the WhatsOnStage Awards where she won for her performance in Lucy Kirkwood’s ”Mosquitoes”

If you were wondering what took Olivia Colman so long to return to the stage for her – now award-winning – turn in Lucy Kirkwood's Mosquitoes, it turns out that she'd been purposefully staying away.

"I've been avoiding it on purpose. I felt like I'd lost my mojo," the actress said at the 18th Annual WhatsOnStage Awards.

"So this [WhatsOnStage Award] is extra lovely because I loved it again for the first time in years, it filled my heart."

So can we expect to see her back on stage any time soon? "Oh Christ no. Not yet. I need to just calm down a bit. You can't have a play like that and go straight back in."

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