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Five fascinating reasons to see The Psychic Project at The Vaults

Could you be a psychic spy? Find out a little more about this mind-bending show…

© The Psychic Project
The Psychic Project arrives at The Vaults this spring, with a brand new version of the production for 2020. A unique interactive performance about the Cold War, mind control and CIA psychics, we definitely think it sounds intriguing.

We asked writer and performer David Narayan to give us five reasons to be excited about this unusual take on a mind-reading show.

1. It's about the Cold War's psychic spies

The Psychic Project tells the true story of the CIA's psychic research programme. In the show, we explore the CIA's research and attempt their real experiments, to see if the audience can get the same results.

© Mark Hesketh Jennings

2. The CIA actually did this…

It all started in 1972, when the US heard that Russia was 'weaponising' psychic powers. Fearing a growing 'psychic gap' between east and west, the US set to work on a psychic research programme of their own.

© The Psychic Project

3) No, really, they did

For 23 years, the CIA trained psychics to spy on Soviet bases, identify moles and locate hostages – all with the power of their mind. The Psychic Project is based on actual research documents that were declassified in 1995.

4. You can test out your psychic spying skills!

Unlike most mind-control shows, it's the audience who do the mind-reading. If you come to The Psychic Project, you'll have the chance to try the CIA's psychic spying techniques for yourself.

© Richard Merritt

5. It gets pretty dark…

The research started with basic lab experiments – deducing symbols, for example, or sensing what was inside a box. But, by the end of the programme, the research had moved on to using the power of the mind to alter human cells. In The Psychic Project, we'll try it all.

The Psychic Project runs from 29 April to 24 May 2020 at The Vaults, Waterloo – book tickets now for this thrilling show.