First look: New musical On The Edge, penned by Sam Hall

Listen to a new number performed by Kayleigh McKnight

Kayleigh McKnight
Kayleigh McKnight
Have a listen to new musical "On The Edge", with music and lyrics by Sam Hall, direction by Patrick O'Neill and produced by Amy Hendry.

The number, "He's So Different", has orchestrations, piano, bass and guitar by Hall as well as violin by Tom Crofton-Green. Simon Cossons provides filming and editing. Performing the number is Kayleigh McKnight, with Harry Bradley also appearing.

Hall's musical, currently in development, was prompted by his experiences around suicide. He said: "In 2020 I wrote and finished my first musical ‘On The Edge'. It was inspired by my best friend who, in January of that year, wrote a suicide note. He luckily confided in me and others before it was too late, but the thought of losing him affected me greatly, and hugely inspired me to write about his experience."

You can listen to the number below (note, the performance contains swearing), with all cast and crew following COVID 19 safety guidelines:

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