First listen to Tori Allen-Martin in royal wedding musical HR Haitch

Tori Allen-Martin stars in this new musical directed by Daniel Winder

Tori Allen-Martin in HR Haitch
Tori Allen-Martin in HR Haitch

We popped into rehearsals for HR Haitch, a new musical opening at the Union Theatre this month.

Written by Luke Bateman (Mr Popper's Penguins) and Maz Evans (Who Let the Gods Out), and produced by from Shrapnel Theatre and Iris Theatre, HR Haitch follows East Ender anti-royal Chelsea, who's in love with Bertie, but doesn't realise he's the heir to the throne. When the news comes out, the couple have to deal with life in the spotlight.

Directed by Daniel Winder, the production features Tori Allen-Martin as Chelsea, alongside a cast including Christian James as Bertie, Emily Jane Kerr as Princess Victoria, Christopher Lyne as Brian Taylor/Prince Richard, Andrea Miller as Vera/Queen Mary and Prince Plockey as Vernon/Nathan.