Dream Casting: We break the first rule of Fight Club

It has been rumoured that Julie Taymor is developing a ”Fight Club” rock opera, so naturally we have cast it already

As is now tradition when a screen-to-stage project is discussed, we consider our ideal casting for the recently rumoured Rock Opera adaptation of Fight Club.

Who would you cast? Let us know on twitter.

The Narrator – Jamie Muscato

Recently seen in Dogfight at Southwark Playhouse and currently starring in The House of Mirrors and Hearts at the Arcola, Les Mis alumnus Muscato has just the right mix of pretty and cray cray for the part made famous by Ed Norton.

Tyler Durden – Sam Mackay

Following an acclaimed performance in In the Heights at Southwark Playhouse last year (fingers crossed he'll be in the revival), Mackay has just finished a run in Damon Albarn's wonder.land at the Manchester International Festival. We're not saying that we picked Sam just for his pecs, but have you seen that picture?

Marla Singer – Evelyn Hoskins

Evelyn's latest stage appearance was playing the titular role in Carrie the Musical at the Southwark Playhouse (jeez this venue is a star-making factory), when we spoke to Evie in rehearsals she claimed that she 'always plays the weird characters'. Here's another one for you then Miss Hoskins.

Robert 'Bob' Paulsen – Meat Loaf

I mean, come on, what better role for Meat Loaf to make his London stage debut in than a rock opera? He will do anything for love, but he won't talk about Fight Club.