Dream Casting: Carrie creeps into the Southwark Playhouse

It may have bombed when it premiered in the eighties, but a revised version is on its way back to scare theatre audiences in May

Following the recent announcement that a revised version of the musical Carrie is coming to the Southwark Playhouse in May, our features editor Ben Hewis imagines what the casting might look like if he was in charge.

Carrie White – Carrie Hope Fletcher

Yes I know she was Wednesday in my Addams Family dream casting, and no I'm not a secret YouTube/McBusted groupie. With experience playing a girl that is constantly 'friendzoned' (Eponine in Les Mis), she's OK being smothered in blood (see above photo), and she won't have to change her name. Sign her up!

Margaret White – Mel C

From girl power in the Spice Girls to woman power in Blood Brothers and Jesus Christ Superstar, Sporty Spice has had an eclectic career to say the least, so an abusive, insane and fanatically religious mother shouldn't be too much of an ask.

Chris Hargensen – Zizi Strallen

She's proved herself a fierce feline in Cats and what kind of casting would this be if it didn't include one of the Strallens?

Billy Nolan – Sam Mackay

As demonstrated in the incredible In The Heights, Mackay has bags of swagger and oodles of attitude. Team him up with Zizi and that's a team no-one wants to mess with.

Sue Snell – Harriet Jones

Talented, sweet and prone to falling for the wrong guy, Phantom's Christine Daaé has this in the bag!

Tommy Ross – Jonny Fines

Butter wouldn't melt… and he has previous with producer Paul Taylor Mills (Altar Boyz), so that's something…

Ms. Desjardin – Haley Flaherty

We're sorry Matilda, we love you but we're going to have to steal your Miss Honey! And anyway she's had it easy with her current gifted pupils and I think she could do with a challenge, like with the students at Ewen High School.

Carrie the Musical runs at the Southwark Playhouse from 1 – 30 May. For more information and to book tickets, click here.