Bronté Barbé, Declan Bennett and the cast of Striking 12: first look photos

The off-Broadway musical is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s tale ”The Little Match Girl”

Declan Bennett in Striking 12
Declan Bennett in Striking 12
© Tom Grace

Images have been released offering a first look at Striking 12 the musical starring Bronté Barbé and Declan Bennett.

The musical is written by Rachel Sheinkin, Brendan Milburn and Valerie Vigoda and is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Match Girl. Oliver Kaderbhai directs Bennett and Barbé alongside Danielle Kassaraté (Narrator), Kate Robson-Stuart and Leon Scott.

The piece follows Brendan on New Year's Eve when his fiancée has left him, he's going to lose his job and his
boss is making him work late. A chance encounter with a lightbulb seller changes everything.

Striking 12 has design by Natalie Johnson; lighting design by Alex Lewer, musical direction by Ashley Harvey, choreography by Oliver Kaderbhai and Marah Stafford.

The show runs at the Union Theatre until 23 December.