A few of my favourite things: Forbidden Broadway's Christina Bianco

The YouTube sensation includes Benedict Cumberbatch and Bernadette Peters among her favourite things

You may have seen Christina Bianco on YouTube, her diva impressions and "Let it Go" covers have helped her rack up over 120,000 subscribers on the video sharing platform. She is currently appearing in the Menier Chocolate Factory's West End transfer of Forbidden Broadway at the Vaudeville Theatre until 22 November.

We caught up with Christina to find out of a few of her favourite things…

What/who is your favourite…


That’s a very tricky question to answer. There are many genres of ‘diva’ so I’ll give you 3 ladies I adore. In no particular order, the first is Celine Dion. I have been infatuated with her incredible voice since I was very little, listening to her albums in French. The second is Bernadette Peters. She is the Broadway diva I most adore. I love her comedic timing and the way she interprets a song. The third is Shirley Bassey. I simply don’t think there is a more dynamic performer. She gives every last bit of herself to her audience. It’s always high drama and her voice is, obviously astounding.

Place to hangout?

Unfortunately, most of the little coffee shops and lounges I loved so much in NYC are closing down. There’s one place left that I frequently go to, especially in the winter. It’s a tiny, hidden bar near my home in the village. It’s cozy, un-pretentious and the drinks (alcoholic or otherwise) are phenomenal. It’s a little- known gem so I can’t tell you any more because I’d like to keep it that way!


I should have Charlie Mom Chinese restaurant in NYC on speed dial. My usual is chicken with broccoli, brown sauce, brown rice and an egg roll. That’s my go-to meal.

Holiday destination?

England. By now, most people know that my favourite city is London and that I’m a hopeless anglophile. I love the history, architecture and pace of the city. I have been so blessed to live here for the past few months but I can’t wait to return, in full tourist mode, to see more of the city and the rest of the country. Now that I know London better, I’d like to visit Bath, Cambridge, the Lake District, York… I have a long list!

Netflix Boxset?

Hmmmm…I’m currently in the middle of House of Cards and loving it. I confess to re-watching the Lost In Austen mini-series quite a lot. I can’t get enough of Anthony Bourdain’s travel/food show No Reservations.

Play/Musical that you have seen?

I recently saw Matilda here in London and I was blown away! The design, choreography and storytelling were truly magical but the kids stole the show. Such incredible young talent – it’s a bit frightening!


Dare I say it? Benedict Cumberbatch. I’d been an admirer of his since Starter For 10! Hands down, I believe that he’s the most versatile, surprising and charismatic actors of our time. (I swear no one paid me to say that.)

Theatre to Visit?

Not far from NYC, there’s a theatre in West Point called Eisenhower Hall. Most of the plays, musicals and concerts I saw growing up were at that theatre. Then I had the thrill of performing there myself when I was starring in Dora The Explorer Live. It’s a beautiful space on the inside and out. I have many wonderful memories there.

Theatre You've Performed In?

I’m going with the Vaudeville on The Strand! A perfect, classic theatre to have a West End debut.

Song to Sing?

That changes all the time. It’s currently a tie between the jazz standard "Midnight Sun" and classic rock Heart hit "Barracuda". Believe it or not, I sang that at my wedding.

Part in Forbidden Broadway?

My solos are incredibly fun but my favourite moments are when the whole cast is on stage together. The best moment is performing the "Into The Words" number. I grew up listening to the Forbidden Broadway albums and I knew that song inside out and backwards as a kid. It’s considered a ‘classic’ by fans. I never performed the number in the New York production so having the opportunity to do it now, on the West End is a dream come true.

Photography by Darren Bell.