10 new musical numbers that would definitely be on Glee – if it was still on air

Would New Directions go in a new direction?

Rachel Berry as Jane Seymour?
Rachel Berry as Jane Seymour?
© Original photo by Johan Persson
We know you've all been wondering it, so we thought we'd put it into words. The hit musical series stopped airing in 2015, so it missed out on singing some top musical tunes of the last few years. Here's what we think the New Directions would be singing…

1. "Burn" from Hamilton

We would love to hear Santana (Naya Rivera) sing Lin-Manuel Miranda's incredible ballad, because frankly, she did not get enough solos in the series to show off her amazing voice.

2. "She Used to be Mine" from Waitress

Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) has never shied away from gender-switching songs – remember his rendition of "Some People"? Just imagine Kurt belting out this 11 o'clock number in a bedazzled apron, complete with pie in hand.

3. "Candy Store" from Heathers the Musical

Yes please to a reunion of the Unholy Trinity (Quinn, Santana and Brittany) after their iconic performance of "Say a Little Prayer". Riverdale may have already done their own Heathers episode, but we'd love to see it done Glee style. The only question is – who would wear what colour blazer?

4. "Sincerely, Me" from Dear Evan Hansen

It was pretty clear that Dear Evan Hansen would feature on this list, and we can so see some of the boys – Artie, Sam and Blaine in particular – singing to this upbeat number in rehearsal.

5. "Guns and Ships" from Hamilton

We all know Mr Schuester (Matthew Morrison) loved to perform a rap, and if there was to be a Hamilton episode (Hamil-Glee?) we're sure that he would pair up with Artie (Kevin McHale) to take on this number.

6. "Ex-Wives" from Six

In this episode, all of New Directions would audition for the coveted roles of Henry VIII's wives. After Rachel throws a tantrum about wanting to play all of the queens, the cast is chosen: Mercedes would be Aragon, Tina would be Boleyn, Rachel would take on Seymour, Quinn would be Howard and Kurt is Parr. Oh, and Sue Sylvester would totally join in as Anna of Cleves.

7. "Waving Through a Window" from Dear Evan Hansen

Another number from the hit show, and this time Blaine (Darren Criss) would sing arguably the most famous song from the musical. Imagine how great it would be if Ben Platt guest-starred…

8. "My House" from Matilda

This sweet and emotional song could only go to one person – Emma Pilsbury. This number would offer a moment of calm in the usually crazy world of McKinley High.

9. The Last Five Years

So what if Jessie St James (Jonathan Groff) showed up again, and he and Rachel (Lea Michele) duetted the whole of Jason Robert Brown's musical over the course of an episode? We think it would sound beautiful!

10. "The Other Side" from The Greatest Showman

Another idea for a guest star appearance! Neil Patrick Harris returns as Mr Schuester's high school nemesis Bryan Ryan and the two duet this number from The Greatest Showman.

And an extra one for good measure…

11. "Confident" from & Juliet

How could we not give this positive number to the one and only Mercedes (Amber Riley)? We think the entire Glee cast would have a lot of fun with this musical's songs, and Riley would knock it out of the park with her vocals.