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Five reasons you need to see Model Behaviour at the Pleasance Theatre

Here are five reasons why this honest portrait of the modelling industry, presented by a former model, is an unmissable theatre event

© Georgia Shane

Fresh from a sold-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe, this all-female production struts into the Pleasance in Islington. A shocking and wickedly funny exposé of the modelling industry, here are five reasons to see this insightful piece.

1. Come for the laughs

Model Behaviour is a brash, wicked gag fest. Think awkward parties, dodgy dates and even dodgier stomachs. Writer and actress Issy Knowles is as skilled a joke teller as any stand-up on the circuit, so leave your political correctness at the door and let yourself laugh harder than is usually acceptable in public.

© Zoe Grain

2. Come for the female lead who is deeply flawed, but wildly entertaining

Our model is tactless, self-obsessed, and hopelessly deluded, but she's also vulnerable and totally lost. In short, she's complex, and constantly challenging the audience's perception of her. Let her lead you down the emotionally damaged rabbit hole to see the twisted side of Wonderland.

3. It's really important

Modelling is a largely unregulated industry. Model Behaviour is written and performed by a former model who has a unique insight into this industry. Our goal is to start a conversation about who exactly is responsible for the welfare of vulnerable young models, male or female. We want you to be a part of that conversation. Model Behaviour lifts the lid on one of the most secretive industries in the world.

4. Come to be shocked

Our model doesn't do things by halves, whether it's dating or dieting, and her complete lack of a verbal filter leads to some completely outrageous escapades. She addresses the familiar problems of modelling with a blithe acceptance (her thoughts on weight loss will appeal) but it's the wholly unfamiliar pitfalls of the industry, exclusive only to someone who has spent time inside the profession, which will leave you shaking your head in disbelief. No spoilers!

5. It'll be worth it just to recognise every stereotype you've ever dated

Trust. Us.

© Zoe Grain