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Overheard at the theatre: Some more of the funniest audience comments

'Do these stairs go up?'

Some audiences have high expectations...

Below are some of the funniest/most bizarre comments we've heard from theatregoers. Have you heard better/worse?

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- [At The Lion King] "When does Elton John come out?"

- "How much is a complimentary ticket?"

- "I wanna see that Henry Vee"
"No honey, that's a Roman numeral. It's pronounced 'Henry Five'"

- A customer turned up to see Wicked during the interval because he thought that the first half was going to be the "support act". He demanded compensation for not being told and missing half the show…

- [At Blood Brothers interval] "Something tells me that this isn't going to have a happy ending"

- [At Chicago] "What's it about?"
"I don't know but I think it's set in New York"

- "What's on this evening?"
"She's ill? What's the matter with her?"

- "Can I buy two tickets for Fanny of the Opera please?"

- "Is it really sold out?"

- "Would I be allowed to bring a spare pair of shoes as the ones I'll be wearing will be painful by the end of the night."

- [At Jesus Christ Superstar] "Well, I didn't expect it to end like that"

- [At Waiting for Godot] "He won't come, you know - his name's not in the programme"

- "Our pet parrot just loves musicals so can we bring her along to Les Misérables? She is house-trained and knows all the words! We're happy to buy a ticket for her."

- "This is ludicrous! The whole point of me printing my ticket at home was to get me in quicker via scanning but they've sent me back to you! It's ridiculous!"
"Madam, you seem to have cut your ticket in half, through the barcode"
"Well it wouldn't fit in my handbag!"

- [At The Railway Children] "We've just bought this kitten from Harrods, we're fine to just take him in in his box, yes?"

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