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Charing Cross Theatre issues apology after security guard ejects patron for same-sex kiss

The homophobic act was committed on Saturday 6 Novemver

Charing Cross Theatre
© Andy Roberts (CC BY 2.0)

The Charing Cross Theatre has apologised after one of its security guards forcibly ejected a patron for kissing another man in a toilet.

Located underneath Charing Cross train station in central London, the venue has housed a variety of star-led productions and is one of the most famous off-West End locations in the city.

Performer Ciarán McCormack, who was in the venue yesterday, said on social media that he was "kicked, no sorry DRAGGED, out of Charing Cross Theatre by a member of security for being caught kissing a guy in the toilets. Oh, and right after singing my heart for the rest of the guests. Because "that behaviour between two geezers isn't accepted here".'

The event naturally drew outcry from the theatre community, with a variety of social media users describing the act as "disgusting", "absolutely grim", and "outrageous".

McCormack has since said that "Apart from a lot of anger and my back being in agony I'm okay."

The venue subsequently said in a statement: "The Players Bar apologises unreservedly for the incident last night. The security guard who was supplied by an outside agency acted without our knowledge or consent in a way that was contrary to the values and policies of our establishment. Indeed, two of the owners are gay themselves.

"The guard was terminated following the event, as we will not tolerate such behaviour by anyone working in our establishment. We offer our most sincere apology to the individual involved, and will take steps to ensure that such an event is never repeated."

WhatsOnStage will continue to investigate which security firm was hired to see what further actions are being taken.