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Bat interrupts stage show – audience members think it's part of the performance

No, it wasn't Bat Out of Hell

A bat with some fruit

The company of Pina Bausch's The Rite of Spring had an extra member on Tuesday night.

The Sadler's Wells show, which runs for the rest of the week, was disrupted by a bat, which flew in from the Islington summer evening and through the venue foyer, around the auditorium and reportedly added an extra dimension to the drama.

In fact, some simply assumed the bat was part of the action. Award-winning playwright Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, who was in attendance on Tuesday, said it was: " Utterly spellbinding. Even when a bat, yes a whole bat, flew round the auditorium and tried to pull focus. To be honest I thought it was part of the show. Clever bat."

But what of the interloping bat, I hear you ask? Apparently, the bat was later safely returned to haunt its Angel roost by the technical team.

Sadler's Wells has a video of the bat itself taking to the stage during the curtain call – which can you can watch here:

The venue has also released a digital film, Dancing at Dusk, which launched for free today on Sadler's Wells Digital Stage this week.


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