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Love and Other Magic Tricks (Salford)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
From it's low-key opening to it's low-key closing, Love and Other Magic Tricks is a show of subtlety and magic rather than drama and showmanship.

The two unnamed characters played by Maya Politaki and John Van der Put tell their story of falling in love and the problems it creates through physical movement and prestidigitation. Both performers have excellent magic skills, Van der Put being a practising magician, while Politaki uses not only her magical abilities but also her stunning physical prowess.

Using a set of cardboard boxes and few props they create their lives using the tricks to highlight situations and emotions. The scene where lights are exchanged to indicate text messages and emails is especially effective.

Sound is used to great effect  throughout the show but unfortunately, during the opening - it drowns out the performers, but this improves as the plot progresses. The use of songs as background to certain key scenes is both visually and audibly evocative.

Love and Other Magic Tricks is an interesting and thoughtful insight into relationships which makes for a good evening's entertainment.

- Helen Jones

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